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Dr. Wim van Thoor - Certified Implantologist
Waldfeuchter Strasse 301 · 52525 Heinsberg-Kirchhoven · Tel.: 02452 989 200

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The sooner you start a prophylactic treatment routine, the more effectively you prevent serious problems. The Airflow is a technique used by experienced dental hygienists to remove dental plaque and discolouring. Dental calculus and softer accrestions located at the upper part of the root of the tooth can be removed painlessly and with no impact to the dental enamel.

Discretion is the better part of valour... Better prevent than repair...
Regularly executed professional deep cleaning protects you from caries and gum deseases. Polishing the freshly purified teeth will even out the enamel renewing the shine on your teeth. This finish and a particular fluoride lacquer will protect your mouth from acid attacks caused by bacteria and shall prevent formation of plaques.